L A T E S T  N E W S

This website and out communications are more carbon neutral as we have ofset them all with the help of coco2.
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I can now confirm that billinghursts are able to offer Portable Appliance testing.

Home ADSL, To add to the rage of business communications services that Billinghursts can offer we are now able to help home users to save money on the broadband connections, for more information please take a look at our product section under Domestic.

Billinghursts is also able to provide broadband for business via two different suppliers giving true redundancy and systems to manually or automatically switch over again details can be found in our products pages

With Changes made by Ofcom on the way that Non-Geographic numbers work Billinghursts brings you the information that is essential to anyone with a non-geographic 08xx and 09xx number, more information can be found under news.


N E W  L O O K  W E B S I T E

Those of you that had visited the original Billinghursts website will know that it was time to bring it up to date, and time restrictions had so far prevented this from happening but as it became more pressing that the need for the e-image of the company was pulled kicking and screaming into line with our verbal and face to face image and your now looking at the results. You will also have noted change in our telephone number this is to help us direct calls more effectively as we move over to full IP for all inbound contact Services, from traditional web and email through telephony and fax. So please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page and let us know what you think, what you would like to see what you dislike even. Many thanks and looking forward to your feedback, Stuart Billinghurstmore


O U R  O F F E R I N G S

Billinghursts is a communications company and as such we offer the following :

Website Build, Hosting and Management from small business pages to online applications to solve many business communication problems with added access 24hr from anywhere with web access worldwide.

Domain Name's and management including email pointing, Lots of people Have a domain name and then have generic email addresses like yahoo or AOL, we can solve this so your emails come from and go to
[your address]@your_domain.com.

Portable Appliance testing, to ensure your electrical items are up to scratch, safe and legal.

Business Telephone Lines and calls at discounted rates (Contact us to save money on your phone calls and line rental today!)

Business Broadband ADSL From 512kb up to 8Mb and SDSL from 512Kb to 2Mb with the backup you would expect from Billinghursts Broadband has options for higher priory traffic so that you are the most important person on your connection unlike other companies their you share the connection and have the same priority as all the other people Currently have slow broadband contact us to speed it up.

If the Internet is essential to your business you may need to think about redundancy a second link from a different supplier, we can supply via different suppliers to give you full redundancy and advise on network tweaks to ensure you as close to 100% uptime as possible.

Domestic broadband from 512kb up to 8Mb with the backup and support you expect from Billinghursts

Telephone system and handset, supply, install Programming and Tuition, All from Billinghursts.

Got a problem with the way your telephone system works want to do something out of the ordinary and not sure if it's possible or how to do it, contact us via the contact us page and we will see what can be done to help you.

We also offer out of hours services where we work when you don't to eliminate as much business interruption as possible, Weekends / holidays and evening / night work undertaken, Contact us via the contact us page for more information.


T E L E P H O N E  M A N U A L S

In the download section you will find telephone manuals for some of the popular systems giving quick access to solve problems again if you need something a little more contact us for more information.

We will aim to add to the downloads section as time goes on so if you can't find something please drop us a line and we will attempt to add it in the future.more


M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E M N T

Billinghursts aims to provide best customer service at a value for money price. We aim to give quickest turn around when required giving the client confidence that their wishes will be met. We aim to understand the client's requirements so that we can offer the best results for the client not our own interests. Billinghursts Wishes to continue its steady growth in a way as to remember every clients worth and not just the best revenue client, In other words putting you the client first and not ourselves. But most of all keep people coming back to use because they know they will get quality when they need it most.